Jug on chair 41x29.5 oil

Artichoke and fennel 46x31 oil

Tulips 35.5x51 oil

Contrajour 22x32 oil

Red and green vase acrylic 43x61

Chequerboard oil 40x35

Yellow still life oil 36x30

Geraniums and sunflowers oil 30x45

Bowl of grapes oil 35x26

Pink Hellebores Oil 30x42

Geraniums oil 40x29

Complementary oil 33x42

peonies still life

Still life in hall pencil sold 20x28.5

The green mug oil 28x40

The blue vase oil 31x41

Garden chair oil 30x36

The blue vase oil 17x28

Still life with pears oil 39.5x49.5

Pink asters oil 51x34

Still life jugs oil 60x50

Still life jugs 2 oil 51.5x39

Spring flowers oil 29x42

Red chair oil 34x42

Purple garlic oil 40x29.5

Reflections oil 34x43


Jugs oil 50x40

Harbinger of spring oil 22.5x20

Iris oil 33x11

Flowers on a windowsill oil 24x38

Fruit and flowers Oil

Bunch of spring flowers oil 42x34

Bowl still life oil 36.5x29.5_SOLD

Shell watercolour 27.5x24 SOLD

Yacht watercolour 24.5x23.5

Still life with jugs watercolour 40x50

Fruit watercolour 42x29

Shells acrylic 58x41

Plate of pears acrylic 26x20

Five pears acrylic 26.5x20

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