Elizabeth 44x60 oil

Siesta pencil and ink 36x26

Starting up pencil 24x15

Cancan girl ink 27x39

Catnap ink 42x25

A good read oil 70x50

Ted Martins oil 36x28

The two beaglers oil SOLD

Reclining nude oil 31x40.5_edited

Reclining Nude 2

First shoes SOLD

The striped stockings SOLD

The striped stockings2 oil 24x40_edited

Violinist at work oil 23x34 SOLD

The ballet dancer oil 38.5x51

The pink shoes oil 40.5x49

The thinker felt tip 25.5x36.5

Songo oil

Stretch1 charcoal 38x50

Skateboarder 1 acrylic 46x61

Skateboarder 2 acrylic 46x61

Skateboarder 3 acrylic 46x61

Skateboarder 4 acrylic 46x61

Skateboarder 5 acrylic 46x61

Portrait of a model acrylic 31.5x17


Nude charcoal 39x58

Lounging acrylic 43.5x30

Lucy in a hat charcoal 41x53

Jules pastel 50x69

Indoor school oil 41.5x29

George Melley oil 33.5x52

Helen portrait

A good read oil 26x38.5

Clare pastel 30x37

Decision time acrylic 48.5x76


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