Washing line in France 37.5x34

Vineyard in Provence 2 42x30 oil

Vineyard in Provence 1 32x31 oil

The Venetian house 34x45 oil

Farmhouse in Provence 33x17 oil

River reflections 35x25 oil

The shepherds hut 35.5x25.5 oil

Sunlit path 29x41 oil

Olive Trees in Provence Oil 22x30

Provencal landscape oil 23x16

Lavender at Lioux pastel 56x38

Lavender at Lioux 2 pastel 59x42

Pounte del Valle pencil 35x25_SOLD

Olive trees 30x22

House in Lois pencil and ink 29x22

Camino de valle pencil 25x35

The red house oil 38x26

Village n the atlas mountains acrylic 35x25.5

Vinyard oil 40x30

Village houses in Provence oil 41x29

Village fountain oil 36x27

Venice SOLD

Transylvania oil 25x19

The turquoise jug pastel 42x29.5

Towards Rousillon

The start of the vogo longa venice oil 2

Rousillan oil 36x27

Stormy sky provence oil 30x42

The cliffs at Lioux SOLD

Red trees oil 42x30_SOLD

Oppedette hillside village oil 42x30

Murs in Provence

Market day oil 25x31

Les Bassac at night oil 19x26.5

Kashgar market oil 29x41

Lavender fields SOLD

Kyrenia Mountains Cyprus SOLD

Hot landscape oil 43x29

Greek landscape pastel 50x35

Greek landscape acrylic 71.5x49

Hilltop village oil 45.5x21

Gault village house oil 26.5x35.5

French mountain village 2 oil 42x30

French village oil 19x12.5

French mountain village 1 oil 42x27

Doorway in Samarkand oil 38x26

Doorway in Les Bassacs SOLD

Doorway in Romania 2 SOLD

Doorway at Les Bassac pastel 30x38.5

Cyprus beach SOLD

Courtyard in Romania 1 oil 31x42

Church at Saignon Provence oil 45x34

Apple cider orchards SOLD

Chateaux de Margave oil 41.5x29

Archway in Gault oil 31x41

Abbay of Senanque SOLD

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